Manhasset Bridges, Partials, & Dentures

Dentures and Partials

Missing teeth not only change your appearance, causing facial muscles to sag and making you look older, but they also damage your oral health. Without teeth in place, alignment issues develop. As well, bone tissue dissolves, causing additional tooth loss. Dentures, partials, and fixed bridges can rejuvenate your oral health and smile.

When you lose all your teeth on your upper, lower, or on both arches, Dr. Feintuch will generate a full set of dentures. These prosthetic teeth attach to a gum-colored base and create a full smile. Usually, dentures are secured with implants, suction, or adhesive creams.

For patients with remaining teeth, Dr. Feintuch often suggests partial dentures or a fixed bridge. Partial dentures close the spaces left by missing teeth, filling in the holes like pieces of a puzzle. A fixed bridge, a false tooth fused between two porcelain crowns, is permanently anchored into your mouth to replace one or more missing teeth.

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Dentures & Bridges