Long Island is not just a station point for eateries like Olive Garden and The Cheesecake Factory. Some are old school and others are following trends to jaz up the food life in the island.

Whether you want to take your grandfather out for a dinner party along with his friends or your honey on a date, there are many options to choose from.


Located in Garden City this lively place has been in existence for nearly two decades, and is best known for a dish named moules frites. They serve mussels in a dozen rich broths inspired by global cuisines. Lookout for the Thai and Montrachet varieties, you may also like the traditional Provencal. All of the above are accompanied by fresh-cut frites for your broth-dipping pleasure. If you are not a mussel fan, try other alternative entrées and the indulgent Wellington burger. Belgian trademarks continue to live here; Waterzooi boasts the largest Belgian beer selection on Long Island, ask for the heavenly fresh-baked Brussels waffles for dessert.


Suffolk County’s southern shore boasts of this sophisticated steakhouse. The setting itself is stunning: a restored bank building with white columns and a dining room with 32-foot ceilings, elegantly decorated with historical photos and Art Deco friezes. The bank’s old walk-in vault now holds wines and one can buy fine American cuisine with an emphasis on local seafood and steaks – like steak au poivre, chateaubriand, Tellers Delmonico, live Maine lobster, and Long Island duckling. Consider reserving before visiting.


This is one of those places where you just can be yourself. Tuck into a hamburger for two dollars or more and you will want to order more. This is no fancy place and there is no fixed seating corner. Eat wherever you find place to sit in and you will not want to leave without a knish and chocolate shake.

South Shore Dive

This is a combination of a dive bar, a gastropub, and some vintage scuba equipment? You might think its quirky but this newcomer offers lowbrow/highbrow pub fare. Duck hot dogs topped with duck confit chili, apple mustard butter, and some optional foie gras epitomize the concept. Ask for some tater tots and not the frozen ones. The beer lineup and the cocktail list will grab your eyeballs. Get discounts on turning up well dressed or flaunting the best beard.


In 2015 owners Samantha Caltagirone and Madison Kaer converted it into a charming little farm-to-table breakfast and lunch spot highlighting Stumptown Coffee, Satur Farms produce, and other local entities. Home fried breakfast poutine, scrambled Florentine tartine, with fluffy eggs, spinach, and Gruyère atop a freshly baked rustic toast and even baked goods and homemade granola taste excellent. The ambience is lighthearted reflecting the restaurants personality.


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